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Jawbone fitness trackers removed from online shops

Jawbone products Many former Jawbone employees went to work at the new company. Jawbone Health pledged to keep running the online services that owners of Jawbone fitness trackers use to log workouts, track sleep patterns and monitor their health. In May this year, Jawbone said on Twitter that its old app service, called Up, would be "transitioned" to a Health Hub set up and run by the new company. Jawbone warned that the transition might mean service disruptions for Up users. Which? found that instead of just losing access intermittently, the Up service had been "out of action for more than four weeks" and had attracted more than 600 complaints via Twitter and Facebook from angry customers. The issues with the app rendered Jawbone fitness trackers "useless", said Which? Despite this, the trackers were still available via three online stores until the last week of June, Which? found.

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