Ladies Handbags Systems Under Scrutiny

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Once again, to all the women out there, I'm very sorry for the idiot half of my gender. We're not all douche bags. Just the loud ones.

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Drug charges for 2 Berkshire women after 70 bags of heroin allegedly found in their car

Investigators set up surveillance at Lorette's home and saw Rilla arrive and saw the two women leave together in her car and later saw it get on the turnpike at Exit 2 in Lee. The vehicle was followed as it left the turnpike and took I-91 to Holyoke, where it stopped in a parking lot next to a second vehicle. According to police, investigators watched Lorette get in the second vehicle for a few seconds, then exit and get back in Rilla's car. The vehicle headed back to Lee on the turnpike, eventually traveling to Dewey Avenue in Pittsfield, where officers stopped it. When asked if she had traveled to Holyoke that day, Lorette web said she hadn't and was coming back from Lee. When confronted กระเป๋า FOREVER 21 with the information that police had seen her travel to Holyoke and meet with the driver of the second vehicle, she said she had three or four bundles of heroin in her purse, but it was for personal use and she had given Rilla four bags in exchange for the ride. Rilla told police she had been กระเป๋าแบรนด์ lyn given 10 bags in exchange for the ride, but had already used six. Police found about 68 bags of heroin, with an approximate street value of $680. Lorette told police she purchases heroin for her personal use once a week and uses five bags a day, leading investigators to believe she intended on selling at least some of the heroin.

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